So this past week I replaced my 5-Month Old 2016 Jeep Wrangler with a 77k mile 2011 Audi S4 Prestige, for the sake of owning some I actually enjoy. So far, I have absolutely no regrets. Despite the mileage, this thing has absolutely no signs of being ‘used’. No type of wear on the leather, no greasy fingerprints, nothing is faded...the exterior is the same story. The only thing that makes this thing look used is the pair of Maui Jim’s I found in the sunglass holder (apparently worth $100 on eBay).

I’ve already redeveloped an overprotective boyfriend mentality with it - similar to what I had with my S60R....enough that I’m now paying $65 more a month for a garage.

First Thoughts:
- Craftsmanship is great...granted, I’m coming from a Wrangler - but still.
- The POWER: So hit the pedal and it ever so quietly f***ing moves
- The gearbox: Compared to my old Volvo and my old (yet newer) Wrangler, it’s worlds better. I can’t say I love the ‘shifting suggestions’ that appear on the dash, but it’s an agreeable clutch. The R and the Jeep didn’t have the easiest manual, but this is easy and incredibly precise. It’s weird having reverse next to first instead of sixth.
- The sound: the car is too quiet (we’ll change that), but Bang and Olufsen nailed this sound system. For only $850 new, the acoustics are clear and the base is strong. Having 14 Speakers doesn’t hurt, either.
- The sound system: Frustrating. I had to get an Apple $40 extension to fit new iPhones, and it refuses to work with Spotify, only connecting to my 10 year old iTunes playlists. I’m about to cave and get Sirius again.
- The HVAC system: Over-engineered. It’s annoying; going to turn on my heated seat, having to choose my heat level on the screen, then having to turn off my AC (because it assumes I want heat/AC whenever I have the seat on).

Overall, I can’t’s been awhile that I’d find myself constantly staring at my car as I walk away.


The Tires:
Same thing happened when I bought my Volvo...the car was traded with bald tires, so the dealer threw on the cheapest set they could find. With the Vo, I got some Nankangs...this time I got these:


It’s a set of Ironman iMove All-Season tires. I can’t find anything online about them, aside from an Amazon listing with mixed-bag reviews. Anyone know anything about these before I impulsively buy another set of Michelin Pilot SS’s?