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2011 Triumph Daytona: 1 week in

So, its been a week since I started riding the Daytona. in this time, i’ve already put 1,000 km on it. time for a quick review.

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-The noise. oh my sweet god the noise. I will not shut up about it, but oh my god. The bass at idle. The high pitched whistle from the counter balancing gears. The staccato when decelerating and the exhaust is popping and burbling. *splosh*. The Arrow pipe is so worth it

-the looks: I’ll admit, the SV wasnt a very pretty bike. the Z was more of a brute in a suit. Big, brash, powerful, with just a touch of class. The triumph on the other hand, just OOZES elegance. its sleek, slim, balanced. The caspian blue and gold rim off set each other perfectly, and the yellow headlight adds a touch more color to it as well. The little touchs of carbon add some pzazz to the bike as well.

-the balance: never did I have a bike that is this well balaced. not just in terms of performance (that motor is PERFECT) but actual, physical balance as well. I can wheelie this thing starting in first and bang it through the gear box and carry it right through 3rd. no WAY could I have done that on the Z (wheelie point was too high, felt like Id fall off). Its almost HARD to do stoppies. but its just..I dont know how to describe it. it has to be ridden to be understood.

-the gear box. ratios are perfectly spaced apart. the throw at the lever is short, sweet, direct, engaging. the Z1000 had a bit of a longish throw and wasnt that easy to just snap through the box. this is. coupled with the (reasonably) torquly triple and its just so easy to get this thing going VERY quickly.

-cons so far:

-fuel econ: I havent gotten more then 200KM to a tank. Its better then my Z (160KM) but still not great. But I can live with it

-mirrors: they suck .too close to the body and I cant aim them right to see what i want. its weird.


- the riding position. God dam, I have ridden R6s with rear sets that havent had this aggressive of a riding position. its BRUTAL. I am getting used to it. But from a SV to a Z1000 (with f800r back up and a CBF1000 back up) this level. I have to train myself. Also the seat sucks

Aside from that, I think its brilliant. I need to get the suspension set up for me, and get a few more minor things done (double bubble screen, integrated tail light, tank side pads, SATO shift brace, helmet lock, rear cowl, camera mounts, seat and a quickshifter) and i think i will call this one done.

Viva la triple.

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