Like a Chevy Volt Coupe with 403 hp / 960 lb-ft, half the efficiency, and a tenth of the practicality. This and the Aston Martin Rapide are the only “true” four-door coupes out there, everything else is just a sedan. This is the car that had Stealth Mode before any Mustang, 32 miles of electric range, and is a great conversation starter.

Also note that the Karma does have a 2.0L turbo ecotec engine which means that the range extender is actually usuable on its own unlike the BMW i3.

I think this red EcoSport is a good deal with 38,693 miles listing at $35,990.

This silver Collector Edition with 60,047 miles (which is like 100,000-120,000 miles on a regular car), was just listed at $32,980. You could walk out spending $28,500 without much hassle.


However, this ceramic silver Karma with an astounding 74,000 miles is listed at $29,777. This is when you start getting into the questionable car purchase range of an eccentric’s dreams.


For those that don’t know, Fiskers don’t make a noise when they start up...err, wait, that’s a line from Childish Gambino (aka Donald Glover) - Sweatpants. Fiskers have a very unique sound to make sure pedestrians hear them coming.