Hyundai nailed this design.

As I have wrote before, I recently got a new(ish) car as my parents bought out my mom’s 2012 Hyundai Elantra in Red Allure. Before that, I had a 2005 Honda Pilot which is a fantastic car but it was too thirsty for my tastes and I did not need a large SUV anymore. 2 months and about 2,500 miles in, I have gotten to know the car very well and learned to love it, even though it’s an automatic. She also earned the name “Scarlett” from the color and the fact that I like that name.

The good:

  • Seriously, Hyundai nailed this design. It still looks great even after we’ve had it for 4 years now. Everyone always complements me on how stylish it is, especially the color. The new version is a nice evolution on this design, unlike the Sonata.
  • Like the exterior, the interior is just as stylish. I like the instrument panel, especially the electroluminescent gauges and the blue lighting from the radio and buttons.
  • For a compact, it’s really big. Hell, the EPA calls this a mid-size for crying out loud! But that means that it’s roomy enough inside.
  • The trunk space is a good size, can’t wait to see how it fares with move-in day.
  • It has everything I need and nothing I don’t want. Thank god my mom didn’t get the tech package because I’m not a big fan of big screens in cars.
  • I’ve been on several hour long drives in this and as both a driver and a passenger it’s comfortable apart from bumps and rough roads. It’s also quite nimble and responsive, so side streets are a joy in this.
  • 10 year/100,000 mile warranty - I still have half the powertrain warranty left, it’s nice to know I’ll be covered until then.

The meh:

  • The stereo in the non tech package Limited isn’t too good. One of the speakers in the back sounds distorted at high volume. I just set the balance to mostly play in the front so that problem is solved. I don’t blast my music.
  • Taller people are cramped in the back, but since I’m average height (5'9) and I fit fine, I don’t care... Not my problem.
  • The fuel economy is neither good or bad. I’ve been averaging 33mpg or so. This car was touted as a 40mpg car. Hey, it’s an improvement from 16mpg from the Pilot.
  • The leather seats are okay, the back support sucks however, and as always leather sucks during the summer. I never understood the appeal of leather.
  • I’m neutral on the wheels. The 2014-2016 Limited wheels are really nice, as are the five-spokes on the GLS.

The nitpicky:

  • The radio doesn’t have a tune knob... I’ll live.
  • Why does it make a tinny sounding meep when you lock it? I’ve heard it on multiple Hyundai/Kia products, it’s kinda pointless. One of my friends thinks it’s adorable however. On the other hand the horn is loud and obnoxious.
  • The steering wheel is made like junk, mine is already peeling off. I saw a Sonata of the same vintage and its steering wheel looked like it was chewed off.

I’m glad I got this car, it’ll be good for the next 5 years or maybe more depending on how reliable it is. I still want a manual car, though maybe I’ll get a second car within 5 years if I can afford it. The only thing I’ve had to do so far is get a CEL cleared through an update since the software was outdated (wtf?). Overall, it’s a great car. These things are probably good cars to buy used even though the warranty is shortened.

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