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2013 and up Mini Coopers (All) - What is your experience with them?

I was having a discussion with someone about my experience with (roughly) 2013 and up Mini Coopers.

I find they are an odd way to spend about $40,000 CDN, which I (well my friend) has priced out one would cost online, after a few good options, taxes, dealership fees, everything like that.


I also have not seen the greatest track record with them. Just last week one was on the side of the road with the hood open, tow truck 10 feet ahead.

My co-workers mother bought a lightly-used 2014 Mini Cooper from a dealership during the middle of this year (May), with 75,000 km, one owner. It’s already had several issues, including breaking down 3 weeks after she bought it due to some fault of the battery / electricals to the battery. It had a few other issues as well, I am trying to recall but I believe one was poor brakes (needed all new calipers because it would barely stop).


So, your experience Opponauts. Is it reliable and there are just a few lemons?

Is it overpriced? Have you seen others with issues? Let me know.

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