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2013 Ford Focus ST - The 18 Months Review

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Dear contributors, attention seekers and lurkers.

I've been informed that commenter K-Roll was preparing a 12 months review of the Ford Focus ST.


You can either wait patiently and waste even more time or go straight to point and read my 18 months review right here.

The car :

2013 Ford Focus ST, 25,000 KM. The car is an ST3 trim, so it comes will all the bells and whistles, or as we like to call them over here, more things that will go wrong in 5 years. That's what you get for buying sloppy seconds.


The pros :

Nice inside and out. Recaros are wonderful. Don't let occasional drivers (i.e automotive journalists) fool you. They're good. Good sounds system, MyFordTouch does not sucks, quite roomy, fun to drive, relatively fast, build quality is good, the car is still rattle free.

The cons :

MPG sucks, don't get fool by liars claiming 30 MPG, you'll get 22-23 combined and under 20 full city, at least if you suck as much as me at driving intelligently. Keyless entry system don't work when it's cold or wet. Fuel tank is frustratingly small. Torque steer is bad, the torque vectoring system using the ABS is pure basura. Visibility sucks, I never had so much problem parking such a small car before. Interior design is a bit busy for my tastes, but the ST3 package help unclutter the dash.


Value :

Expensive without incentives, but Ford is likely to throw incentives at you so with 5K off, it's a great value.


Dealership experience :


I won't waste any more of your time, AMA time below


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