Yes. Yes You can.

There’s going to be a TV show about Atlanta’s C+C, so I made sure to get here super early today. I pulled in at 5:45. It officially starts at 8. But my god, I was sleeping comfortably until this Camaro club showed up with stupid exhausts. I’m now thinking this car will be perfect for spending nights at truck stops during a road trip just need a pillow for my lower back and a blanket, and it will be perfect.


Side note: I’ll be bringing the Escort next month, most likely. I discovered some rust building up on it (even though cars just don’t rust here, hence why I have a 2nd-gen Escort and not a pile of scrap metal) so I’m going to try to fix it ASAP to be able to get it to a proper car wash (a bit too cold to hand wash) and then paint the roof black.

Side side note: all pants have a crotch fold like that so shut up. :P

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