Short story: Due to excessive oil consumption my car is getting a new short block under warranty at 36,000 miles.

Long Story: In December 2012 with $10,000 burning a hole in my pocket I went down to the local Subaru Dealer and bought a brand new 2013 Subaru Outback 2.5i Premium. This was to be Mrs. Highlander’s car and the primary mode of transportation for our family for outings into the highlands of our great state, which is the 4th largest in the Union and typically requires a 3 hour drive to get anywhere you want to go.

Fresh off the lot, Outback is collecting Christmas trees


3,000 rpm=80 mph in 6 gear great for consuming highway miles.

This outback is a “rare” six speed manual model, which is fine because we are in a state with few people so you don’t have to shift much once out on the open road. I really like driving the car, it is efficient, handles well, and is overall easy to drive almost anywhere you need to go. At 20,000 miles I noticed it was using a bit of oil. Three cam seals later a small leak was finally repaired. Then we had them start an oil consumption test. It took three tries to get it right due to various other attempts to figure out why the car was using so much oil.

We finally got the results of the last oil consumption test and it’s gone through 1.4 quarts of oil over the last 3,000 miles, which is well over spec. I know there was a class action law suit against Subaru for this and I was hopping we would not have a car with this issue. However we have had every cliche issue with a subaru that there is to have. I’m done with Subaru’s for now and will probably be shopping for a Toyota, Honda, or Mazda in the next 2-3 years.


A couple of side notes:

1. Our local dealer has been fantastic, not trying to hood wink us.

2. When I bought this car I was also looking at a 4-runner with 20k on the odo. Hindsight is 20/20.


3. There is nothing else out there that compares at this price for efficiency, size, and features such as really good AWD and interior room.