I am not used to this at all. The clutch is very heavy compared to any other manual I’ve driven, and the gates (gaites?) are not receptive. You have to manhandle it, which is the antithesis of my association with manual regular Toyotas.

Also, don’t stall this thing in traffic. I don’t know which did it, but I had to pull my e-brake, turn off my lights, put my foot on the brake, and stomp the clutch to get it to start in traffic. I think I tried every conceivable combo before that. Makes me wonder how I even drove this far.

I have not found the sweet spot from a dead stop yet. I will roll backwards more than I want to, and I’m feeling anxiety similar to how I always feel when there’s a car right on my ass on an incline, and you’ve just learned how to drive stick yesterday.

My usual work vehicle is at the shop, so this will only be a one day adventure. I don’t want to imagine driving this through the Seattle area 30,000 miles a year. I mean I’d get used to it eventually like any other car, but I’m okay that I don’t have to.