It was the best of times...It was the worst of times.

Consider the good, new job, new city, new beginning. Sounds good doesn't it? Consider the bad, Los Angeles, Toyota Camry rental car (until my cars could arrive). Ugh. Think that one over, a Toyota freaking Camry. The car enthusiast in me wanted to cry! This is the one car that I actively despise, I asked for ANYTHING other than the damn Camry for the weekend. Surely ONE of those 55 other midsize cars (mainly Chrysler 300s) in the LAX lot would be available to me:

"Sorry sir, but the other 55 mid size autos on the lot have all been spoken for by a Sheikh from Dubai. Apparently he has a fetish for Chrysler 300s and doesn't want anyone else to have one.."*

Well Damn.

So there it was. Gleaming in Scratched up black, I honestly couldn't be bothered to even look up the particular color code, with its tiny little 4 banger and auto-slush box ready for a weekend of shopping, moving, and getting to know the area. I was driving along the 110, muttering about how much I missed my E39M when suddenly it hit me, why not actually pay attention to how this thing drives?


I'd rather drive that...

The car was nimble, in the way a rhino runs through a china store. The car had Usain Bolt-like acceleration, it's just a shame that all the other cars had car-like acceleration. It has supermodel good looks, too bad her pageant was in 1955. Sufficed to say, I wasn't a huge fan, but hey at least it was grounded to the ground!

My parents came to visit me for Mother's Day and we went to market and took the Camry around, I sat in backseat while my dad drove (drank a bit at lunch). I finally realized where this car shines, the backseat. It didn't have leather or hell, even air vents, but damn was it comfy. Seriously, I could easily nap back here, I thought I've sat in some comfy backseats in my life but no contest. Until I sit in a Rolls Royce and get driven around this will be easily in the top 3.


Now back to the driving, the car isn't half bad. Sure it won't excite, but it won't get you in trouble either. The car will get to highway speeds, it'll accelerate enough to get you past that merging traffic. Oh! It has a radio too! It's loud enough to be heard, but it won't make you gasp! so you never have to worry about being amazed. It's great for people who need not worry about how they get where they're going, just that they get there.

I just had an epiphany, the Toyota Camry is the perfect beige mobile. For the driver, you'll get where you're going, you'll drive in the fast lane...slowly, you'll be anonymous to everyone, and you'll save money on the gas (it definitely got more than 30mpg a gallon). I think the best thing about being the perfect beige mobile is that your passengers won't notice that they're in a beige mobile because the back seat is just so damn comfy. Give em a tablet, give em some Wi-Fi, they'll shut up, you'll get to where you're going, and everyone will be happy.

Oh, and if you're still wondering about how the 2013 Toyota Camry LX drives spiritedly? Are you kidding me?


*No Sheikhs actually rented 55 Chrysler 300s