As my friend and I were walking home today, we got onto the topic of what our ideal 6 car garage would be. Our imaginary budget was $200 million (Which unless you want 6 GTOs shouldn't be a problem), and the only rule was that we had to keep the cars for 5 years. (You couldn't buy anything else either) This means that while you could buy a garage full of F1 and LMP cars, you'd probably have a hard time driving to the grocery store, and if you bought 6 track cars, your spine would be dust after about a year.

So here's what I came up with-

1. The obligatory e30, completely stock and in perfect condition

2. A custom, turbo and supercharged fox Mustang like this, only with more box flares and side pipes


3. I'd need an Alfa, and this Giulia ti Super would do nicely


4. For long drives I'd have an e65 Alpina B7

5. A Caterham 620r to take to the track. Just street legal enough that I wouldn't need a trailer.


6. And lastly, a primer grey Hemi Dart, because drag car

What's your 6 car garage?