The two rear bearings I ordered showed up on Wednesday. I replaced the Driver’s side in about 40 minutes and took the car for a spin. It was quieter, but still loud. I did the passenger side in another 40 minutes and took it for another spin. Quiet as can be. So quiet I can hear a new squeak around the rear shock area.

Note to anyone who has a CX5 and wants to do the bearings themselves: You need 21mm to remove the lug nuts, 32 mm to do the axle nut, and 14 mm to remove the brake caliper slides and bracket, and 14mm to remove the hub mounting bolts. Plus a mini BFH(ammer) to knock the hub free once it’s unbolted. That’s it. If you have an air ratchet or an electric ratchet it will be even faster than 40 minutes per side. I was very pleasantly surprised at how easily they were able to be removed.


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