Its like Pirelli-gate except that instead of people being upset over the lack of longevity and artificiality of the racing people complained because they didn't like the color choice of the Pirelli script written on the tires. The future of racing is quiet; while you can blame the rules (for engines and dong noses alike), even LMP1s are quieter than most commuter vehicles and that doesn't make that class any less interesting or the racing any less enjoyable.

If you disagree (and you probably do since this is exceptionally subjective) please let me know not why you disagree with me but what the top tier of racing would look like under your control. I actually would rather hear your unfettered view (engines, body styles, etc.) than to have an argument over something stupid like turbo muffling.

Full disclosure, I only watch F1 when Martini is sponsoring something.

Secondary disclosure, I don't actually remember why I thought this was important enough to compose a post about but I'm pot-committed now. If you want to just put funny gifs in the replies, I'm down.