For the 2014 season, the Formula 1 technical regulations are set to go through the biggest change since 2009. Aside from the well publicized switch to a turbocharged, direct injected 1.6l v6 with increased energy recovery systems, the cars will also change significantly in appearance. The front wings will be narrower, the nose much lower and the chassis and rear wing will also be slightly lower. ScarbsF1 has put together an speculative sketch of what the cars will look like:

One thing I am surprised not to see mention of is a shorter wheelbase. The engines are set to become a bit smaller but more significant is the change in fuel capacity. The large fuel cell sits in the centre of the chassis between the driver and engine and with the teams being restricted to 100kg of fuel per race (they use ~160 kg right now) that could become quite a lot smaller which could shorten the wheelbase.

Along with the new engines, the FIA is mandating a single exhaust outlet located at the very end of the chassis (no bodywork permitted behind the outlet) and up higher. This is meant to end the use of exhaust gasses for a downforce benefit. No more trick Coanda effect exhausts for us to marvel over.

Image and info credit to ScarbsF1. Be sure to check out his blog for more interesting articles about the technical side of Formula 1.