Hey all, I hope you are doing fine! I haven't been here for the past 4 months so I understand things may have changed a bit. For those of you who don't know me and to understand how I ended up in a Honda, here are a few good reads for you.

-Throwback to last December and my 6 months review with my previous car. It contains a little background information on me.

-The day I figured out I couldn't afford a Volkswagen anymore. This is the most interesting, you don't want to miss it.


Anyways, long story short I was in love with the GTI but it was a POS and I bought a Honda from my uncle at a very good price. Its been 5 months and a half and I'm starting to like it (just a little bit). I've done a few upgrades to the car :

-matte black roof wrap

-plastidipped the whole front, got rid of the crome

-painted the calipers

-dropped in a K&N air filter

-debadged the entire rear and got rid of the stupid VTEC stickers

-tinted the windows

-yellow daytime running lights

I don't have any recent pictures but follow me on instagram @gabdere to see the latest!


Exterior (6/10)

This is by far the biggest flaw of the current generation Civic. To be honest, it has almost the same front end as a 2006 and people don't realize mine is the latest model. I kind of like the rear but the front is ruining the whole car.


Interior (7/10)


The interior is a big improvement over the 2013 but is still not worth 27K. The seats are now two-tone but they still have this weird pattern. The materials are cheap and are already scratched (and you cannot believe how I take car of my cars, this is just not normal).


The car had 700 kms and there was a flat spot in the carpet near the clutch. The soft touch material on the front door do not carry over to the rear doors and the list goes on... I love the small steering wheel though.


Acceleration (5/10)

It just doesn't feel like 205 HP. Under 5000 RPM, its a normal LX Civic and that sucks. Compared to my DSG GTI, its gutless.


Braking (8/10)

I probably didn't do the appropriate tests to test the brakes, but they seem fine to me.


Ride (6/10)

Although the suspension is OK, the seats are literally shit. Needless to say you don't get any lumbar support ajustements, the seats get uncomfortable the more you drive and that's a big drawback for me.


Handling (8/10)


This car has a LSD and holly crap it's good. You're not gonna lose traction under acceleration, in the rain and when you take a corner it pulls you inside. This is something I'm going to miss in my next car. The traction control is not intrusive at all and that's a good thing.

Gearbox (5/10)

The gearbox is clunky. It has nice throws but some gears (I'm looking at you 2nd) are just hard to get into and to live with. The clutch is the lightest I have ever experienced and, honestly, it's unbelievably light. If you want to learn how to drive manual, go in a Civic SI.


Toys (8/10)


Full touchscreen display, i-MID, smart key with push to start, LaneWatch camera, rear view camera, auto headlights, auto climate, NAV, heated seats and sunroof. The whole entertainment system is ok, the touch feature is responsive and all-in it's not too laggy. However, there are very frustrating things. You cannot turn off the lady's voice when using nav, the volume knob is actually touch, there's no pause button when your iPhone is plugged in although there is a pause button when Bluetooth streaming. It's fine for a compact car, but it isn't optimal.

Audio (8/10)

I always thought Civic SIs had a great exhaust note and my car is not different and it's by far more aggressive than the GTI's. The stereo is also better than the GTI's with its 300 something watts.


Value (4/10)

The Honda Civic SI is a cheap car and at $27k we're all getting robbed. Fine you are getting all the toys I mentioned above but we're in 2014 and you're getting that in a 20K Forte. You're gonna get what you pay for : a reliable car with cheap materials, an outdated engine (to me) that you'll have to put premium in for some reason, a good fuel economy but minimal performance and an average design. You should really consider a Focus ST or a GTI or a WRX, those cars just feel much more premium and are way more refined.


Total 65/100