There's been a void in the market for quite some time now for a particular group of car buyers. Sure, there's some options that could fit in that category, but they don't necessarily deserve to be there (Some of inifiti's line-up, the FJ-Cruiser, BMWs weird-ass cross overs, etc). The Cherokee is the first real model for the ultimate Bro-Bag that we need just a little more than you might think.

Most of us agree that the design choices made here are a poor mix of alien vs predator mixed with a crude racial take on the japanese personified into a vehicle. This vehicle applies to those who make poor life choices, have the ugliest but most popular tastes in apparel, and, most importantly, have a decent amount of money to irresponsibly spend on unnecessary things. They're your bros. Douchenozzles. Fratfucks, Party Boys—BroBags. And they're important.

Without them, who would we know to point and laugh at to know we made the right decisions in life? But not only that, we have to realize that there are a lot of these guys (and girls, I suppose). And a lot will like this car. It's going to be hot. Its the best mix of Hummer audacity, attainable pricing, and general stand-out looks to appeal to everyone in this market.

One thing that comes from this is some good sales from Jeep. They'll get some money from this and be able to fuel some better stuff—some of those cool concepts we saw a while back, maybe. Or, depending how profits are shared, some cool SRT/Dodge/Chrysler/Alfa stuff. However it works, it's going to help the brand (at least I believe so). It's like how Mazda is making huge profits off the CX-5 and CX-9. They're some of the most non-Mazda Mazda's, but they bring in funds to help fuel some cooler models that they both appreciate building and we love buying.

In the end, I don't believe many of us we're buying cherokees in the first place, and if we were, I don't believe that they were the newest models that Jeep was producing, rather more 'vintage' options.

Maybe I'm off track, but I'm feeling this one. I think we'll see a lot of these parked outside abandoned buildings where raves are being held and getting towed in front of hot clubs. And that's a good thing. I think.