2014 Lamborghini Aventador: The Oppo Review

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No, that title isn't a typo. I'm here to give you all the single greatest review of the Aventador that you will EVER get. I'll touch on all the important aspects of the fastest stealth fighter jet that Italy has ever produced and I will impart some of the oldest wisdom that the internet has ever seen. Oh yea, I'm setting this up to be one amazing review and for those who are extra sharp today you will even enjoy a joke that I have included in this review.


So, when talking about the AVentador there is really only ONE category that matters, only one that truly impacts the ~450,000 USD you will have to part ways with to get one of these pieces of perfection: mileage.

Damn straight. Mileage. Its all that really matters. After all, if your Lambo can't go further on a tank than a Prius then you might as well take the train.


So lets talk how many dinos this car will need to sustain itself. The EPA says this car will do 11 city, 18 highway and 13 combined (MPG). It we take the average price of premium fuel to be $2.90 a gallon and factor in the Aventadors 23.8 gallon tank, we can do some math.

Say you drive an average of 200 miles a week on your Lamborghini, which is fairly high but maybe more in line with how you drive your current DD, so a fair guess. That amounts to...lots of fuel used. How much is lots?

Well, 200 miles will require 15.38 gallons if we assume the 13MPG combined number as accurate. That leaves you with 8.42 gallons left in the tank. Lets also assume that you fill up every week back to 23.8 gallons and start the new week with a full tank.

Each week would run you, right now, 44 dollars a week to fill up. Of course, low prices like this might not always stay, so lets assume gas prices shoot back up to a more "reasonable" 3.90 per gallon. Now you're paying 59 dollars a week to fill up.

In short, the mileage on the Aventador is pathetic and it will run you hundreds in fuel a month to keep going if you do any sort of driving. Now, the margin of error on my math is 99% with a +/- of 50%, because goddamnit Oppo, I do science not math. Also, I work in metric and not Imperial. Imperial is weird.

The Aventador scores a 2/10 on my rating scale, which extrapolated over 100 equals a spectacular 10/100. Buy a Prius instead.

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