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2014 LeMons/ChumpCar map

Definitely not as exciting as rally driving (sorry, Mr Ventures, you reminded me with your map that I had made this one), but still pretty exciting in its own right, and much more attainable for most of us, CrapCan Racing is happening somewhere in America almost every weekend, quite possibly near you.

Here is a Google map I made of the two big series and their events for 2014. LeMons races are the little pin symbols (yellow for singles and red for multiples) and Chump races are diamonds (blue - single; green - multiple), and it should be fairly up to date, please let me know if it's not.


Also, I made a G+ community for crapcan racing, and mostly it's just me rambling on to myself about crapcan stuff I find online and in real life, but it does have the links to all of the crapcan race series I could find, not just LeMons and ChumpCar. Come join the fun.

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