Even with the upgrades to the 5, 3 cars is a bit much. The Yaris is a great beater, but I’m not really certain I need a rallycross specific car either, although the highway mpgs are decent for road trips (33-35mpg @80, much less than its EPA rating though).

After the next month using the van for moving I’m considering moving on from both and consolidating into one DD, one toy (S2000). The 3 hatch would have the practicality I’ll need day to day and the efficiency that I like, even with the 2.5l. I’ve been able to get the 5 up to 28mpg hwy, which isn’t bad but with regular long drives... high 30's is tempting if only for the range. I test drove an i Gran touring and was impressed, and I’ll try the s GT or touring before making a trim decision.

The smart choice is selling the Yaris while its still in one piece and standing pat on the 5 (who in their right mind want a modified minivan? :P) Then again after the rallycross this weekend the rally bug will be strong.