2014 Mitsubishi Mirage

So I have seriously considered purchasing a new Mitsubishi Mirage as my next daily driver in about a year.

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I will be buying a "fun" car this spring/summer. It will be something to modify, to play with, to drive when nice out, and not worry about if it breaks while racing/driving/modding since it will not be my everyday car. So my daily does not need to be an all out bad ass car.

Now for the daily, I was thinking about going after a used Lexus IS 250/350, used Lancer Ralliart sport back, used Evo X, or maybe even a LOW mileage Lexus IS 300. But since I do not drive my car much (to and from work, and SOMETIMES some other random places, all other times we all take the miniature van), I was thinking why not get something new(er) and less expensive. No sense in paying $300-$400 a month on a luxury badge (Lexus) or a "sporty" car (Evo/Ralliart), or getting a first gen IS and worry about how much it was beat on before me.


I have been to the Mitsu site a handful of times and built a Mirage. Each time, the payment is in the high $200's. I think the highest I got so far was $275. That's nothing! Insurance will be cheaper, gas will be cheaper, and I will not modify the Mirage like I would any other car on my daily driver list.

But why a Mirage you ask? It's in my blood I guess...

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