You guys remember the Regal right? You know, the Opel import that was supposed to give Buick a legit contender for entry-level luxury. It was a nice looking car, but ended up being too small, too heavy, and eventually cannibalized by its Verano brother. Yeah, they made the GS (which is now a pre-owned bargain) but also was too heavy and wrong wheel drive. Anyway, for 2014 the Regal comes standard with the 2.0T putting out 259 hp and 295 tq. And you can also get AWD! Not too shabby, and you can still pick one up with a 6MT for less than... Just checked Buick's website, you cannot get a 6MT Regal unless it is a GS. And of course the GS is still FWD :(

You can read more at GM's press release. Buy why bother?