Cars I drove:

  • Crown Vic Police Interceptor - my former daily driver (seen above in its final resting place)
  • Subaru BRZ - one on a test drive, and the one I bought
  • Jeep Liberty - my girlfriend's car
  • Chevy Prizm - a friend's car when I helped him pick up his Mazdaspeed 3
  • Honda Element - another friend's car
  • Mazda Miata - a buddy and I traded cars to compare/contrast
  • Jeep Compass - rental while the BRZ was in the body shop, my favorite of 2014
  • Ford Focus - will be my girlfriend's new car soon
  • Chevy Aveo - yet another friend's car

Life events

  • New job (professional)
  • New job (hobby, newsletter editor for my local SCA group)
  • Trip to Florida to ride a Harley 500 miles in two days in January
  • New girlfriend
  • New car
  • First time driving a rally support vehicle rather than co-driving
  • Went to Pennsic
  • Made it to the Jalopnik front page
  • Spent way too much time and money fixing a motorcycle I barely got to ride
  • Arranged to replace said motorcycle in the spring
  • Adopted two kittens

I think that just about covers it.

Happy New Year from me, Kryten (peeking over my shoulder), and Lister (Sir Not Appearing In This Post).