2015 Chevy Malibu w/ V8 + Manual (SS trim?)

I’ve been admiring the Chevrolet Malibu for quite some time and finally decided to go ahead and make a sensible purchase.

I was at the dealer, going over options, and I noticed that there was a v8 available. I thought that sounded strange since the Malibu is such a sensible car, but they had one, right there in front of me, so I had to believe. Sadly, the only car with this option available came with a stick shift. Driving a stick is very annoying and in a city like Los Angeles it makes it almost impossible to text. There might be a text-to-talk feature in the dashboard computer thing, so maybe I’m being old fashioned. I’ve yet to get comfortable with all the features as it is only a day old.


One thing it does come with, which makes me feel like I’ve pulled off the deal of a lifetime, is these:

...I almost feel guilty because I’m sure they mistakenly included them at no charge. 4 of them! Made of aluminum!!! (Should I admit this on the internet? I hope I’m not incriminating myself... Steve Lehto?)

OMG, why?:


Now I know why they still make these antiquated distractions: because people will buy anything if there’s only one left at the dealer. Pathetic. It’s like the cable company on South Park: “Oh, you don’t want a manual... let me see what we have here... OOOOoooh, I’m afraid that’s all we have on the lot... you could always go to another dealer... oh, this is the only dealer around here?... that’s just terrrrible...”

Also, maybe someone can chime in and explain to me what “rear wheel drive” means. I don’t know, but the dealer says it’s faster? The speed limit around here doesn’t exceed 65(mph), for the most part, so I’m not sure why that matters.


So, I’m stuck with this, I guess. If anyone cares, I’ll post some other stuff as I get familiar with the car.

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