Pretty trick safety features for child booster seats

Due to the small rear jump seat in extended-cab midsize trucks, child booster seats may not fit exactly right. Manufacturers recommend to have at least 80 percent of the child restraint base fit on the seat cushion, so GM engineers have designed a solution which allows the rear seat headrest to be removed and inserted into the base of the seat horizontally to be used as an additional support for the booster seat.

"It's an elegant solution that makes efficient use of the limited space in the rear seat in this type of vehicle, by allowing us to adapt the seat cushion length for child restraint installation," said GM safety performance team lead, Eduardo Bugelli. "The additional seat cushion length provides more support to the child restraint, which helps to reduce the rotation and the risk of injury in a crash."

The Colorado and Canyon are also the first midsize trucks to offer Forward Collision Alert and Lane Departure Warning systems, which are part of the available Driver Alert Package. Forward Collision Alert technology alerts the driver if the truck is closing in the vehicle ahead too quickly, while Lane Departure Warning alerts the driver if the truck drifts over a lane line when traveling at least 35 mph.

In addition to the child safety seat solution and new safety technologies, the Colorado and Canyon are the only midsize pickups to have a cab structure made from over 70 percent high-strength steel and to offer six standard air bags, including head curtain side air bags which can also reduce the risk of ejection from the vehicle.

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