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2015 Dodge Charger Hellcat // Review!

I have reviewed a grand total of 18 cars now, nothing in the great scheme of things and other YouTubers in the genre, but for someone that does it as a hobby I think it is getting up there.

Most of them start with a simple comment, as in “I would like to review that” or “would review”. It goes from there and if all goes well a meeting turns into a review.

One of them was this car. A Hellcat. A 707hp beast. I have had leads that ultimately turned into nothing. One of them being a R35 Skyline. It is unfortunate, but such is life. I am a hobbyist and can’t lean on 100k+ subscriber base for my reviews for that “lots of people will see your car and I am FAMOUS AF really (but not really). I have learned to take them as they come, and not get too exited. But exited I was, from the moment the owner reacted positively. When the date rolled around I rolled up to the meeting spot, and there she was. I met the owner face to face, talked a little and then went for a drive.


The thing that blew me away completely was “Lets drive over to IHOP and you can take the car from there,” Wait... what? He would have let me take it for a couple of hours to do a review. Blown away. I never do that unless it is a family members car. The owner is always next to me. They know the ins and outs, and sometimes they mention something I forgot about myself.

The result? See for yourself.

So... would you MOPAR? After driving this I would most definitely say... yes...

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