2015 Durango Totalled - no injuries

It doesn’t look this nice anymore

So we flew to visit my parents in SC for Christmas. This was our first flight with 2 kids (one still an infant). When I landed I had a text from my mom saying “Rent a car right away when you land!” That was suspicious. It was also December 23rd at 11 o’clock at night at a 16 gate airport - Savannah/Hilton Head. So we were curious as to whether we could even get one.

Thankfully there were rentals available. I had a 2017 Colorado. I was really excited. Until I found out it was a piece of shit and I could never own one. Now I’m really disappointed and hope the GMC is significantly nicer and need to find out if it was just a crap rental one. I mean it only had 8000 miles on it.

Little Truck, Big Truck

ANY how, back to the Durango.

So my dad was driving to the airport to pick me, my wife and the 2 kids up. With our luggage my mom thankfully decided to stay home because we didn’t think we’d fit. (2nd row captains chairs). On his way to get us (we were not in the vehicle) a drunk driver came across to his side of the road and hit him head on. They were both going about 55 mph. He slammed the brakes when he saw the guy cross, other guy had no brake marks on the ground, he never slowed.

He did a great job of yelling “No call Police! No call Police! I pay! I pay!” while my dad was on the 911 call so they got to record that. Why didn’t he want the police? Oh yeah, besides being wildly drunk he doesn’t have a license. Thankfully the car was insured by his brother who owned it. He went promptly into the backseat of a cop car when they arrived. Last I heard he’s still there due to not being here legally.


So the side curtain, driver, passenger, and a knee airbag all went off. My dad was sore, but climbed out with only bruises and a couple airbag burns on his arms. He had to climb across because the driver fender was pushed back and under the driver door so he couldn’t open it.

I knew from the pictures, but yeah, it’s totaled, took the insurance guys a few days to make that call. 2015 Durango Limited. RWD V6 with only ~20,000 miles on it.


Here it is behind my parents shop, if you look close you can see the frame pushed in to the lower right of where the motor is. Hysterically, the engine still started fine with remote start in this picture. (don’t worry it was promptly turned off as there was obviously no coolant left in it).

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