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2015 Ford Fiesta SFE: A Brief Oppo Review

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Imagine a car that expertly balances refinement and frugality like spices and hops in craft beer. The 2015 Fiesta SFE is the Unibroue of cars.


This is a subcompact sedan that encourages you to shift your pinky up as you wind up the tiny, tuborcharged 1.0 liter engine towards it’s 6,500 RPM redline. It’s a car whose technological trickeries mask it’s inherently unbalanced three cylinder roots, and the result is a wholly satisfying commuter that is much at home absorbing interstates while sipping fuel as it is carving corners in the mountains.

Does this car pack the power of the Fiesta ST? No, but the ST does not average 45 MPG, and the SFE’s 148 lb ft of torque is readily available as low as 2,500 rpm, providing plenty of thrust. The car never feels underpowered and is happy to cruise at any speed without complaint. 70 mph in 5th gear puts the engine at 2,500 rpm which isn’t bad compared to other subcompacts like the Fit that soar over 3,000 rpm to maintain highway speeds


With a solid sounding six speaker stereo equipped with Sync, cruise control, color changing mood lighting, a leather wrapped steering wheel and comfortable cloth seats, the SFE also comes will equipped. Unfortunately absent are read disc brakes, alloy wheels and a sunroof, the latter I believe is optional.

Bottom line, I am honestly smitten with this car. It’s just good, clean fun! And it doesn’t beat you up or take any creature comforts from you to provide that fun. Viva la Fiesta.

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