I am really loving how people are complaining about the new mustang at all. Ford basically took the basket of wants that everyone had for the new Mustang and made them all reality. Turbo 4 , "sure thing", 420HP Roaring V8, "you got it". Decent to excellent MPG's at all levels," you wish is my command", Independent rear suspension "well you've been asking long enough why not", Manual transmission and what promises to be a track burning suspension and brake package "damn straight!" and at the end of the day, the whiny internet whines. WAAA the back kinda looks like a different car if you squint waaaa that color red has been used before... waaaa its not a real muscle/pony car any more... and this was after only seeing one leaked fuzzy picture with a crease

Personally I am loving the shit out of it so far and I can't wait till I get to see/drive one. Sorry for the rant, Its been a long week and this shit pisses me off.

P.S. Some people may recall my tireless efforts to hate on the new Cherokee and call me a hypocrite. But that is a different ball game entirely no one wants or needs another shitty CRV and if your going to make one, don't put an iconic badge on it like "Cherokee" to boost sales to morons.