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2015 Mustang Underrated

We've been waiting months at my dealership for our first batch of the new Mustangs to drop. In that time, I've read of how soft, how slow, how watered down the new pony has become. I've seen criticism of its fusion-coupe design and softer ride, and had let my expectations come down a few notches.

But then I saw it, the Batmobile. I could sit here and drop superlatives all morning about the looks and presence, but that would be underselling just how awesome this vehicle drives. It may have lost a hair of speed on a track, but in its natural environment, the street, this thing thrives. The long hood, hunkered stance, and driving position are all improvements over the old 'stang. Ford has a great next-gen platform to tweak and improve over the next few years. Oh, and line lock seems like it would be pretty cool if it were ever engaged in an empty parking lot.


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