Part two of the documentation of my 2015 Packard project.


The drawing above (the lower one), though not detailed, is probably my favorite of my ideas so far. Unfortunately, it seems too advanced in its design for 2015 to me, so I thought that if I ever made a 2020 Packard the same way I'm making a 2015 now, I'd do that design. I felt forced to move on to something more realistic, so this is the design I'm toying with now, and probably will implement in my 3D material.

The hood is a tiny bit too high, but that can be easily remedied in the final model. I already know how I'm going to give it the ox-yoke grille: the car will have a chrome mesh grille in the shape of a modern Ford shark mouth (only wider), and instead of a flat top section I can work the traditional Packard ox-yoke in (seen here on an original 200).


The car went from an S-Class Coupe competitor to a Bentley Continental GT competitor, although I suppose there's a bit of overlap?

Let me know what you think!

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