2016 Cherokee Rental - Ask me anything/Oppo review Part 1

So I took my MDX in to get a dent repaired from when a coworker backed into it, and got a rental. It’s a 2016 Cherokee Limited 4x4, with a totally gutless 4-banger. Anything anyone wants to know?

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So far I’ve driven it from the rental place to work, and first impressions are as follows, in no particular order.

  • The 2.4L(?) is gutless, though I did find the Sport setting after I parked, so that my improve things a bit.
  • The automatic parking brake when you shift into park is annoying, good thing you can turn that off.
  • The steering wheel doesn’t telescope out far enough, and the adjustment is manual not electric.
  • For a car with 7k miles, the leather has seen better days, though it is a rental so that’s to be expected.
  • It feels much smaller and lower than my ‘07 MDX.
  • The infotainment is actually pretty decent with a fairly large LCD screen, though I’m not a fan of hiding things like seat heaters in the menus in there and not actual buttons.
  • A heated steering wheel is kind of nice.
  • Pandora streaming works well, though I think it’s adding stations into my list that I don’t have on the app.
  • iHeartRadio app is useless, as it only has US stations, no international stations show up. Needs TuneIn Radio instead, though that’s not really the fault of the car.
  • Bluetooth phone connectivity works as one would expect for calls. It seems to do A2DP, though I’ve yet to try that out.
  • The brown color is actually decent on it, better than most. It looks a bit darker than on the picture above.
  • Cup-holder placement is a bit strange. It’s too far back to comfortably use.

Anyways, I’ve yet to really drive it any further than from the rental lot to work during morning rush hour, so I can’t say how it feels to drive. So far though it’s an acceptable rental, though if I were to buy one, it would need a beefier engine.

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