I highly recommend the 2016 CR-V. In fact, the cargo space in the rear sold us. We told the salesman we were considering the Hyundai and Toyota etc etc and wise salesman said “let me get those and line them up for you”, and he did. He lined up the competitors’ SUVs and we opened all the doors and instantly the lower trunk in the CR-V was apparent.

It will fit a set of 18in Legacy Spec B wheels and tyres with ease. Room too spare! Highly recommend. I rate it:

oh those wheels? they’re going on the Impreza.


18s are big! but hopefully with a little lowering, and a 40 sidewall instead of the 45 they will look goot. I shall actually mount them sometime this week and get a good side on shot and do a little ms-paint lowering to confirm. If all else fails back to craigslist the wheels will go :D

A reminder of my render of the overall plan for the Impreza project.