Hello everyone on Oppositelock! I just got back from my friends wedding, and had to rent a second huge SUV for the second time in two weeks. So I decided to review the behemoths.

The first one I rented was a black 2016 Ford Expedition EL with the ecoboost engine, 4k miles, and a 34 gallon fuel tank.

Initial thoughts. This is a big suv and it is long. I hope this can fit in the parking garage to load all of the stuff up. (It does fit fine.)


Exterior. It is a nice looking huge suv, but why the hell is the hood so high. Standing in front of it, the top of the hood is almost higher than my chest. Why does it need to be so high, is it designed to push cattle? The black paint looks nice.

Interior. The seats fold down pretty easily, and the ergonomics of the interior is very easy to use. I like the black headliner and all black interior. (Why does every car company make the top part a stupid beige color now? It looks horrible and that focus group needs to be bitch slapped.) The cloth interior is nice, and the colors of the gauges and stereo are a nice blue. All of our stuff fit in there nicely, and everyone had plenty of room. After a few hours of driving the seats weren’t really that comfortable.

Driving. Just cruising along it does fine, but it drinks gas. Around the city the ecoboost kind of struggles to move when the light changes in stop and go traffic. To get it to move quickly you have to get into boost, and give it a lot of gas. Heading up the toll roads I was expecting for the Expedition to shine. Cruising around 75-80 was fine, but over 85 the hood started to shake. The higher the speed the more the shake. I called one of my Ford buddies, and he assured me that it is normal. Also he told me that Shelby developed a new hood latch system for the GT500, so it doesn’t have the typical Ford hood shake. So I kept it around 75 the trip. The visibility was pretty good for the most part, but it still is a big vehicle so you had to remember to look more than normal.


The fuel economy. The Expedition was in 2H the whole trip, and was never put into all time 4wd, 4wd high, or 4wd low. The majority of the trip was highway (interstate or toll roads), and maybe 15-20% was city driving. We averaged 15.5 mpg... The way back we averaged 15.2 mpg. It seems like this heavy suv could benefit more from a V8 than a smaller TT V6. Filling up a 34 gallon tank makes your wallet hate you.

The second one I rented was a white 2016 GMC Yukon XL with the flex fuel 5.3, 8900 miles, and 31 gallon fuel tank.


Initial thoughts. This looks bigger than the Expedition. Everything should fit in this one fine too like the Expedition.

Exterior. The white paint looks nice, but why is there cheap black plastic under the bumpers. I know it probably if for aero, but couldn’t they make it look nicer than just unfinished plastic? Also why is the antennae in an asymmetric position? Couldn’t they have put it in the middle? Instead of above the driver’s head. The headlight says GMC inside of it.


Interior. The lower part is dark in color, but the pillars and headliner are beige...... The leather interior in it is nice and comfy. I like the red and white light color theme, and white stitching in the leather. The seats fold down easy too. It fit all of our stuff easy, and even used to load all most of the wedding stuff back to my friends house.

Driving. The GMC did fine around town, and gas mileage was decent in the city. On the interstate and toll roads is where this big truck shined. It rode great at 80-85, and the seats were comfy the whole trip. I drove it for 512 miles, and didn’t have to stop for gas once. There wasn’t any wind noise or rattles from this suv, but my friend’s GMCs in the past had squeaks and rattles. It rode very well, and the suspension was comfy but not bouncy.

Gas mileage. In the city this huge truck did 19.2 mpg, the highway was 22 mpg, and combined was 21.1 mpg. I didn’t have to stop for gas for 512 miles. I filled it up the next morning and it only took 26.5 gallons. It wasn’t even empty. Also I had points at the gas station to fill it up for $1.80 a gallon, so it didn’t kill my wallet too bad.


Conclusion. Both big suvs served their purpose, but if I for some reason had to purchase one of these. I’d pick the GMC over the Ford. Even though it has the stupid beige headliner and pillars. It got better gas mileage, had a better ride, was more comfortable, and felt like it was built better.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this!