Just to show the stitching. The seat back cushion was loose on the seat frame, and floppy when the folks were getting situated. To my perception, the interior build quality was positively alarming.

My friend is very proud of his 2016 F-150 Platinum. He just bought it used and paid something in the lower thirties for it. I could not believe how flimsy it was, the seats, in particular. Hasty-looking stitching and the seats just sort of flopped as you squirmed around getting comfortable in them, though they were reasonably supportive. The doors felt flimsy also, and plasticky. Now, to be fair, we were four big dudes and the crew cab was spacious, with plenty of legroom in the back. The rear seat belts had air bags in them and made them rather uncomfortable to wear. Thinks I: the backseat is the best place to test drive a vehicle from...


And his truck has a V6 Ecowhatever engine, which I hope is dependable for him. I don’t know what for a transmission, maybe one of those 8-speeds?

Yikes. But he loves it and that’s what matters.