2016 Ford Falcon XR8 Sprint, XR6 Turbo Sprint Revealed

It’s official, they’ve brought back the Sprint badge for a last hurrah.

550 of the XR6 Turbo and 850 of the XR8 will be built, then never to be seen again as the Falcon is retired at the end of this year.


For the turbocharged 4.0-litre XR6 Turbo Sprint, power is now up 55kW and 43Nm to a new 325kW (435 hp) at 6000rpm, and torque peaks at 576Nm (424 ft lb) at 2750rpm. With the 10-second short-burst Overboost function in play, that climbs to 370kW (496 hp) and 650Nm (479 ft lb).

In the XR8, its supercharged 5.0-litre V8 is up from 335kW/570Nm to a new 345kW (462 hp) at 5750rpm and 575Nm (424 ft lb)between 2200-6250rpm. Overboost pushes that to 400kW (536 hp)and 650Nm (479 ft lb).

The XR8 Sprint can be had in both manual and automatic, while the XR6 only comes in auto (boooo!).

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