My mom has ‘16 Civic EX, and a few days ago she told me the car simply wouldn’t start. She had it towed to Hoehn Honda, where they diagnosed it and later told her over the phone “you put diesel in the car, that’s why it won’t start”.

1st off, it’s reallllyyyyy hard to put diesel into a gas car.

A. you can’t fit the nozzle into the tank receiver and..

B. most people drive gas cars, so they’re used to putting 89,91,93 octane in their car and pressing one of those buttons.


Not saying my mom couldn’t have messed up, but what struck me odd was that Honda told her they were going to have to call Honda Corporate to resolve the issue... That was odd to me because usually, you’d just pump out all of the diesel fuel, clear the pump/injectors and you’re on your way. But calling corporate would mean an issue that the dealer doesn’t know about or a code that they haven’t had to resolve yet. Anyone else have a new model Civic that wouldn’t start? And if so, what was the reason it wouldn’t start?

PS. battery was tested good too, so it’s not that.

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