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2016 Hyundai Veloster Turbo R-Spec: Ask Me Anything!

Hey Oppo, looks like 2019 is going to be my official year of financial hemorrhage.

I have now two car purchases under my belt for the year as well as redoing the tile roof on the house (not shown) and replacing the dying water heater and also a new water softener as that is also dead.


I just have to buy the wife a 2019 Civic before tax season next year. And then I am DONE.

Meet BlueBalls, the Molestor.

Instead of writing a lot of words I figured I’d ask Oppo what Oppo wanted to know. Ask me anything. Can be car related or unrelated, I’ll do my best to answer.


1. I kept the Vette, this is just to ease up on the mileage a tad, I still intend to drive the C7 3-5 times a week
2. No HOA in this neighborhood
3. Interesting cars my neighborhood has: Ford Raptor, BMW Z4, Camaro SS, Dodge Challenger SRT8, WRX, Acura RSX, Honda Prelude, and a Toyota Paseo with a big wing
4. What’s it like? It’s a Korean Fiat Abarth.

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