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2016 it is.

Went back and forth on the 2 cars and bought the used one. Once all was said and done it was a 5k difference to buy the new 2019 Volt vs the 2016 with 7900mi. However, to get it that close via a $1500 rebate we had to take GM’s finance. With a 750 score at 7%, and had to keep the account with them and not refinance for 6mo.

Uh. No. I’m not signing a loan at that rate, especially when the used was 3.8%. I know if I do the math the total outlay difference between a low rate for the life of the loan vs 6mo at bullshit rates and refinancing isn’t much. I just can’t deal with committing like that not knowing what the future may hold. Anything can happen that might stick us with a crazy rate long term. Plus my initial outlay would be much higher and have to wait until next year for the tax credit.


So we now own a Volt. So far so good. Time to suck up the excess power my solar produces instead of giving it to the power company.

My better half with my boy in from of the new Volt.
My better half with my boy in from of the new Volt.

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