I test rode one yesterday and it was...a severe disappointment. The suspension felt like it was made of rocks and way too much vibration for a bike like this. Especially with a 6-speed and freakin 9500 redline. I understand it’s supposed to be a sport-bike wannabe cruiser but...no. I’ve ridden sportbikes. Sportbikes don’t feel this awful. I’ve ridden cruisers. Cruisers don’t feel this awful too. WTF. I was expecting basically a mini, cheaper Indian Scout and what I got was the most awful thing I’ve ever ridden. Was I just not riding it correctly or what?

Also out of my peripheral vision looking forward I can see the headlight cover. Now obviously this isn’t a problem, it’s kind of an expected thing. Except it is a problem here simply because it reminds you how the headlight cover looks freakin’ dumb from the rider’s angle.