2016 Kia Sportage SX: The first crossover I actually like...

So I’m in the process of possibly selling my 2007 S60 R to get something with some more height. On top of that, I need something that’s somewhat fast, less common than most crossovers, and with higher feature content than my current car. On top of that, I think I actually want something new.

The options are limited, but one that stands out is the Kia Sportage SX. For ~31K, you get a 260hp crossover, loaded with nav, heated/cooled seats, dual panel sunroofs, etc.

The Good:
- it’s actually fast. From 0-20 it doesn’t have a whole lot punch, but from 40-80, this thing flies.
- it’s built well. There are some hard plastics, but it feels well put together and the leather is soft.
- it’s pretty unique for a crossover. You don’t see Sportages nearly as often as CR-V’s, RAV4’s, and Forester’s.
- it’s hard to find anything similar with such high feature content and power.
- it’s got a proper automatic instead of a CVT
- regular fuel


The Bad:
- there’s a fair amount of hard plastics, which I’m not used to.
- the wheels look chintzy
- dealer’s are stiff on price despite it (most likely) being the last year of the design
- 21MPG
- 4 boring color choices
- no manual option (biggest hurdle of them all)

It’s like the 2007-2010 BMW X3 of 2016, but with more features. The rides super rough, it’s fast, and it’s super jerky/sensitive at lower speeds. Overall, I’m impressed and I’m 75% sure I’m going to forward on this.

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