2016 Mazda 6 Grand Touring 2500 Mile Review

I have had my Mazda 6 for a little over two months and have put 2500 incredible miles on it.

I traded in my trusty 2007 Jeep Patriot that I had driven for over 7 years to get the Mazda 6. I wish I didn’t have to get rid of it, but I do not have space for two vehicles let alone three. Here are my thoughts on the Mazda 6:



The parchment leather interior is why I ended up with a Grand Touring. I couldn’t settle for less once I had seen how great the dash, seats, and door panels looked in contrast to the black trim and deep crystal blue exterior. The seats are very comfortable even after hours on the road and everything is easily within reach.

I hate touchscreens which made the Mazda a perfect fit for me because the touchscreen is disabled when in drive. You must use the controller in the center console. I have found it to work exceptionally well and I do not have to take my eyes of the road to figure out where to touch a finicky screen. It also keeps the screen clean and free of smudges which is a bonus.

Infotainment controller



The car is gorgeous from every angle. The wheels fill the wells nicely and the dark finish looks much better than the silver finish on the Touring.


The lesser trims have a different front bumper, headlights, and taillights. The standard front end is just not nearly as good looking without updated front end with LED headlights and LED grille surround.


There is nothing else that looks like it on the road at night and I love sinister look of it.

Parking lights only


It is a NA 4 cylinder. It has more than adequate power and returns excellent fuel economy. I have seen as high as 41.3 mpg and as low as 32.2 mpg with an average of 37.4 mpg after 5 tanks. The engine is quiet at idle and doesn’t intrude too much into the cabin under moderate or heavy throttle.



The six speed is fine, but I miss the smoothness of my CVT which I actually liked. I have not played much with sport mode of the paddles as it is a 4 cylinder sedan and it’s not fooling anyone into thinking it’s a sports sedan.



It has them, all of them. I used to not even have cruise control, so this was all a bit overwhelming at first. Here’s a list that is definitely missing a few of them.


-LED headlights and Taillights


-Automatic Headlights and Brights

-Adaptive Front Lighting System



-Back up Camera

-11 Speaker Bose Sound System

-Heads-up Display

-Rain Sensing Wipers

-Active Grille Shutters

-Adaptive Cruise Control

Radar disguised as badge

-Smart City Brake Assist

-Lane Departure warning

-Blind Spot Monitoring

-Rear Cross Path Detection


It is quiet, smooth, yet handle quiet well for what it is. It takes corners better than any other family sedan I’ve driven. Highway cruising is a breeze with adaptive cruise control and a quiet ride. The car has exceeded my expectations and makes me feel like I’m driving a luxury car with a much high price tag. I now I made the right choice in picking the Mazda 6 as my first new car and third car I’ve owned. I find more reasons to love the car every time I drive it.


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