2016 Mazda3 - From New to Eternity(ish) (First Update)

Update 1: Ohh, sure. Current Est. Costs: $4,424.90.

10/25/16, 5122 miles: Installed 16" Snow tires. I went with a basic gray 16" wheel and General Altimax Arctic tires to get me through the winter!

Cost: $851.96

Zoom Zoom

10/24/16, 5069 miles: Finally, a break. This one is just the first oil change!

Cost: $59.29

10/21/2016, 4900: A few days after getting the car back from the body shop, I run over a gigantic bolt and put a hole in the tire. Thankfully we were able to plug it!

Cost: $13.65

9/29/2016, 4765 miles: While driving home I hit a damn deer. Further elaboration can be found here:


Total Damage est. $3,500 (Thank you, insurance!!!)

Update 0: The Beginning

Hello all, A new day has dawned! As a Mazda dealership employee, I decided it was time I have a full-time Mazda in the household (other than my wife’s CX-5...) As a result of that and some help from Mazda, I have recently signed the paperwork on a shiny new Mazda3! It’s a 2.5L (S) Grand Touring with a Jalopnik friendly 6-speed manual transmission. I went with a Deep Crystal Blue exterior color and, despite my wife’s disapproval, coupled that with the lovely 2-tone Almond interior.

I picked up the car from the original dealer (we bought it from them so I could buy it from us) with 4 miles on the odometer and 0 miles of range. It’ll make it at least another 3 miles!

I’ve just about used up the first tank of gas (about 350mi) with an average of 35mpg - a 10mpg jump from what I’ve been driving for the last couple years - a fact enjoyed by both my wife and my wallet.

My plan is to update this post every day 5,000 miles or so with updates on services, scheduled or otherwise, and other expenses like tires, Calvin stickers, waffle makers, and the occasional Porsche Boxster.


Ladies and gentleman, prepare yourselves for probably the least exciting maintenance blog available anywhere! I hope.

Feel free to ask any questions about the car in the comments below!

Zoom zoom.

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