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2016 statistics

Let’s continue our statistical perambulations to the dear and often chilly land of Sweden’s west coast Norway.

Watt’s hot and watt’s not up there?

Electrons, that’s watt. Huge incentives which they can afford because of all the money they make from fossil fuels will do that to your car market. So here we go for the Norwegian Top Ten for 2016:

1. Golf

2. Mitsubishi Outlander

3. Rav 4

4. Passat

5. Toyota Auris

6. Yaris

7. Nissan Leaf

8. I3

9. Skoda Octavia

10. VW Tiguan

Despite what you may hear from electron enthusiasts the Tesla S is only at no. 16 and is down 49% on 2015. Other significant figures are:

Diesel was 31.5% of the market as compared with 41.5% in 2015 (because hybrids went from 12.4 to 24.5%).


Elbiler, or EVs to English speakers, were 15.6% which in number terms is down 6% on 2015 which might be a surprise until you consider how far Tesla have fallen. But, you say, the almighty Tesla can’t lose sales, can they? Can they? Indeed they can.

Four wheel drive, or firehjulsdrift if you prefer and the Norwegians do, were 39.4% of the market. Despite that Subaru sales were down 26%. Jeep? Down 47%.


Now let’s look at the bottom of the table. What makes do the Norwegians loath and despise?

Seat, that’s who. Zero sales compared to two in 2015.

Lancia, also down from two to none.

Chevrolet (the US arm, not the Korean one), down from three to two.

Lotus, down from one to none at all.

On the other hand Ferrari are up four times, to..........four.

Fiat were down by 45%, from 264 to 145.

So there we have it. Norway is a country of 4wd, hybrids and a loathing of anything to do with hot blooded places like Spain and Italy. It’s also a country of electrons, but not as many as hitherto.


Have a Fiat built Jeep with N plates, because nobody there seems to want one.

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