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2016 Tacoma coming to Detroit

Will be unveiled next month at the 2015 North American International Auto Show, or so Autoblag reports.

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What do we know?

It has a tailgate with stamped "TACOMA" emblem and comes from the factory with at least one tail light.


That tail light looks a lot like the unit from the Mitsubishi Raider.

4 wheel drive is available; no word yet on any other configuration. FWD Taco? It is Toyota; you can never be sure

What we don't know?

Pretty much everything else.

What can we expect?

A midsize truck with likely slightly better payload and towing ratings and likely an attractive - although car-like - interior. Exterior styling to match the Tundra or, in other words, a mishmash of decent looking components that, when placed together, slightly resemble a hippopotamus. A rehash of the same engines and transmissions with, at least this one hopes, a modest power increase.


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