2016: The Time Has Come --- REFRESHER

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Its that time of the year again, where Oppos and friends make the annual migration to North Jersey and stand on a mountain top.



The Tri State Meetup organized four (yes FOUR!) years ago by MountainCommand is out annual November meetup for anyone willing to make the trip. There have been some incredible times at these meetups and theres no reason to change now.


The meetup is going to be held on Sunday November 20! For anyone who already responded, I left the date out to get you people to email me back. So far its working.


This date was set a couple of months ago, so unfortunately it cannot change. That said, there will be plenty of Oppos around for it.

I have to determine the exact meetup spot, but we will meet up around 11am, and hang out until roughly 12-12:30 for the stragglers to arrive. We’ll hit the supermarket for food to grill, and probably pick up a couple of pizzas just because this is New Jersey.


We’ll be making the drive out to High Point State Park to grill, chill and talk smack to each others faces, and just do what Oppos do. Once we’ve either run out of food or about 4pm rolls around, we’re going to make the trip to Hawks Nest for a few passes. Obviously, treat this like cars & coffee. Dont screw up. We have never had an issue at any meetup, Im not looking to start now, and I definitely dont want anyone getting hurt.

The drive home, I always stop for a milkshake, anyone is welcome to join.

If you want to attend or need more details, email me directly. [Username]@gmail will get me, you can email me at any time and Ill get back to you as soon as I can. I will include you on future mailing lists as well.


I do need you all to let me know if you will be attending (if you live in, or will be in the area). Any car is welcome. Wagons, convertibles, two wheels bad, whatever you choose to bring is totally okay and absolutely encouraged. Wheels and tires are about all that most of our cars have in common, and we’re better that way!

If you’ll be bringing a dog, you must bring a leash, I dont want any trouble with Park Rangers.


Lets have fun, get together and have another great Tri State Meetup!

Stay classy, San Diego!

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