2017 6 Hours of COTA - 35mm film photography

Last month I attended the 6 Hours of COTA in Austin. This was my first circuit race experience, so I figured I ought to make it memorable. I decided to shoot photos on my trusty Canon AE-1 SLR. I brought a few different rolls of film and both lenses I own for this camera: a 50mm and a 28mm. Not exactly the ideal lenses to shoot a race with, but my entire camera collection (film and digital) is sorely lacking in telephoto lenses. I’d just make it work. This was my first time shooting ~fast cars~ on a circuit with film, so while these shots aren’t perfect by any means, I’m pretty pleased with how most of them turned out. Let me know what you think!

I got to the track just in time to see the last few laps of the Ferrari Challenge race. The #136 car here took 2nd.
1:1 scale Ford GT model kit?
This terrible photo is the best shot I got of the World Series Formula V8 3.5 race. These cars were so loud. It was amazing.
Getting tucked away after the race.
The open grid walk was an awesome opportunity to get in close with the main endurance cars. I had a hard time getting any decent shots here due to the ridiculous number of people swarming the cars.
The Ford GT does it for me.
My favorite LMP2 team!
The Porsche 919 is all business.
Nick Tandy, Andre Lotterer, and Neel Jani from the #1 Porsche 919. They would end up setting the fastest lap of the race.
The #13 Rebellion, David Heinemeier Hansson’s steed.
Green flag! I would actually be happy with this photo if I had hit the shutter a fraction of a second earlier. Instead the stupid fence got in the way of the lead Porsche.
A few GTE cars coming through T17
#67 Ford GT blasting down the pit straight
The speed difference between the GTE cars and the LMP1 cars is just amazing.
The #1 Porsche 919 stops for nothing. Except for fuel. And tires.
The #13 Rebellion
I am so glad I got the chance to see amazing cars like the Ford GT and Porsche 919 race in anger here in the States. Of course the Porsche 919 will be retired at the end of this season, and the Ford GT will be racing for at least two more years.
DHH wrangling the #13 Rebellion
I think I panned a bit too fast on this one, but I still quite like the result. The Toyota LMP1 cars put up a good fight.
Six hours later, the #2 Porsche 919 crosses the finish line and takes the win.
The #67 Ford GT crosses the line to finish 7th in class. Not a great result for the Ford team, but at least they looked good losing.
45 seconds after the #2 Porsche took the win, the #8 Toyota TS050 crosses the line to finish last in class.
Trophy time!
Bonus pic! This wasn’t shot on film, but as I was walking through the paddock with about 15 minutes left on the race clock, I happened to run into my one of my favorite drivers and a personal hero of mine, David Heinemeier Hansson!

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