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2017-ish Nissan Altima Rental: the Oppositelock Quicky

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Aftet eight days with this thing: I have some things to say. And some stuff.

Here we have a poverty-spec Altima. It is nearly indistinguishable from the Sentra sedan, also a common rental here. It has only 28k miles, but they’re clearly HARD miles. The front end has been scraped on curbs hundreds of times. Also: Why is the front end so damn low on such a large car? The dash already rattles at any speed over 20 mph. And it’s not an occasional noise, it is constant and loud.


It has a keyless entry, but no remote start. When you press the unlock button, the rear lights do NOT illuminate at all, nor does the car beep. The only way to tell my rental between all the other white Nissans parked together is to pop the trunk.

The turn radius is atrocious. Much worse than our unweildy Pontiac Vibe. The engine revs quickly but the speedometer struggles to comply. The fuel economy has been... bad. 23 miles per gallon. There’s lots of parts of Kauai that are low speed limits, but this is still disappointing. Blind spots aren’t shabby, but it’s deceptively long in front and back which makes tight parking a struggle for someone who is used to driving small cars like me.


Air conditioning is excellent. Backseat legroom is adequate, trunk is a good size... Humm... TLDR: It’s definitely a car...

Looking forward to getting back into my own vehicles, for sure.

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