The new MDX has been on dealer lots for about a month now. I’ve been checking the web for reviews every couple of days, but there’s been nothing since the NY Auto Show debut back in march. Yet the new Ridgeline has been reviewed by everyone. Sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands. On Saturday I was running errands, and happened to stop at a UPS Store next to an area Acura dealer. I had 45 mins to kill before meeting someone for lunch nearby, so I thought to myself let’s see if I can get a test drive in. They had a white 2017 base that wasn’t spoken for yet (They’ve been selling as quickly as they came in). My guess is a lot of people have been waiting for a less ugly model to upgrade to (no more can opener grille).

It’s actually quite good looking in person compared to the 2016. It drove really well. The 9spd transmission seems to have finally been sorted. I didn’t feel any weird shifting that people complain about in the 2016's. The steering is light under 5 mph, but stiffens up as speed increases. Throttle response is perfect. No half second delays like you get in some german SUV’s. The leather seats have are impressive compared to prior gens. Much higher quality stitching, and the right amount of bolstering. My only complaints are that it feels BIG compared to my 2009, and some materials inside (center stack surround and buttons) look and feel cheap for a $55k luxury SUV. The base audio system isn’t very good either. You’ll definitely want to opt for the technology package.

Final conclusion is it’s a huge improvement over last years model, but I think I would buy a slightly used Cayenne over it (unless I needed the 3rd row).