I had it for like two hours. Here are my thoughts.

I don’t think it looks too bad, but it’s not for me. It’s a true crossover, meaning it’s an unnecessarily bloated hatchback.

Overall, it drives nicely, although the turbo kicks in too early and then kinda bluhhhhhs out. But not a lot of body roll, so that’s good. Easy to park. Blind spots aren’t too bad.


The touchpad sucks. Having the radio in the infotainment system is a huge dislike of mine. There are physical volume and tune knobs, but to display and select has to be done through that gosh-darn screen and pad, unless you want to tune aimlessly. Interior is nice, but not impressive. My hair hits the headliner if I don’t slouch. Lumbar support feels a little too much like a 1" metal rod.

Hatch has less cargo space than a 2008 Pontiac Vibe. In other words: yep, it’s a crossover.


In summation: while the NX is much more car-like than the 2018 RX, it’s inferior to it in every other conceivable way. The RX interior has a more premium feel, the dash layout is less cluttered, the options are better, headroom, power, and so on. Final score: NO-out-of-10.

Unfortunately, this dealer only has RX and NX loaners, though I always ask if they can part with an IS or GS.


I did not have the oldest car at the dealer. There was also a forest green ‘99 RX300, and a 1992 purple SC400 with gooooooooold badging. They have a sweet GS-F out front (am I the only person that likes the GS-F? 🤔). Couldn't find any LC500. Probably would be off-limits to a pleb like me.