Exterior 9/10

The Pimpala looks very nice.

Interior 7/10

It feels like a cheapy Cadillac. Soft touch materials, but it makes the entire car feel fucking massive because the dashboard has too many contours. The backseat exists, but I didn’t go back there because why the shit would I?


Toys 5/10

The aux jack and USB ports are tucked away in the center console so you can’t find them ever. There also was not a reverse camera, which was fucking stupid, because the Impala is roughly the size of a moderately large river barge. The audio is really decent.


Engine Shit/10

It’s a 2.Something or other 4cyl. Sounds like shit. Kickdown is horrible, nothing happens for like three seconds then first gear over-revs and dumps down violently if you let off the throttle. It has several horsepower and a few quantities of torque quite possibly.


Handling 6/10

It’s FWD, heavy and has a poop engine in it. What do you expect.

Brakes 7/10

Brakes stop the car.

Final score: 40/60+Shit or so.


Here’s the only picture of it I took. Kiss my ass.


This review brought to you by tequila.

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